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"I get paid on a per-message basis. I earn €0.09 for every answer I send. The best money is in the evenings and weekends when most of the guys are online chatting, and there's a constant stream of pending replies. During rush hour, if you are productive enough, you can type at least 100 answers per hour, thus securing a €10 hourly wage. I usually work 2-3 hours every evening, but I miss the weekends because I party too much. If I wasn't partying and was a little more focused, I could easily clear a €1.500 salary out of messaging alone. I forgot to mention I've also got a morning side-gig with the same company, taking up phone calls for the dating site's customer service." Besides the obvious reasons urging people to use such platforms (be it to find their soulmate, a one-night stand, or just chatting while exciting their imagination and masturbating over their mobile phone screen), I've been particularly interested in other, not-so-obvious, profit-oriented uses people such as scammers, blackmailers, and the platforms' creators and managers themselves make of them.

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e-business strategy

  • industry/ competitive analysis
  • return on investment analysis
  • customer relationship management
  • personalization
  • digital rights management
  • secure transactions
  • vendor selection and management
  • global outsourcing
  • legacy integration
  • complete business functionality
  • get paid to shop amazon


get paid to shop amazon

more and more companies are using the web as a sales channel to increase their market share and revenue. many niche businesses require the nationwide reach of the web to thrive if their product or service is too specialized to generate enough business in one geographic area.

but the internet’s ability to reach more customers represents only a fraction of its value. it can also help you to enhance your customer service, improve your communication with vendors and distributors, streamline your business operations -- and much more.

get paid to shop amazon

to make the most of the opportunities available to you, you need a plan -- a roadmap for moving you from your starting point (your goals) to your destination a roadmap for moving you from your starting point (your goals) to your destination (their achievement).

beauchamp media resources has years of experience developing and executing successful e-business strategies. we get results by balancing innovative thinking with sound business and software engineering principles.

we conduct competitive research and financial analysis to help you determine which e-business solutions would give you the greatest competitive advantage and return on your investment.

get paid to shop amazon

we have direct experience with all the latest e-business issues, technologies, and products. our technology experts can integrate your web site with your in-house legacy or back-end systems to bring your existing applications online. at the same time, they can develop new applications with custom software to enable your web site to do whatever your business or customers require.

get paid to shop amazon

  • secure electronic payment systems;
  • online product catalogs and shopping malls;
  • electronic reservation systems;
  • networked vendor/distributor management systems;
  • online order tracking;
  • online order tracking;
  • custom courseware and online training;
  • interactive forms and applications.
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