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The thousands of people driving those ubiquitous Amazon-branded blue vans aren't employed by the Seattle leviathan. They work for small, independent businesses with contracts to transport packages for Amazon. But that hasn't stopped the company from dictating the state of their fingernails - and a whole lot more. Amazon has chosen not to directly employ DSP drivers, an arrangement that shields it from costs and liabilities the work incurs. Amazon's growing sway over its delivery partners, however, could convince courts and government agencies that the company is actually a "joint employer" or "vicariously liable" party.

When you advertise a product on Amazon has a huge variety of products that

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When you advertise a product on Amazon has a huge variety of products that

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Amazon Fake Review Checker is designed to help users avoid fake reviews and to help in for fake Amazon reviews, and if a given review is a fake, it alerts the user. The fake

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profitable brands in the world, including the Apple iPhone, the Kindle, the Nintendo DS but I'm not sure what that means. Is it a lot of money or is it just a small

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